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Perhaps you are just feeling curious about hypnosis or NLP, or maybe you are looking for a fast and powerful way to change existing issues and to further develop yourself. Whatever your reasons, do take some time to have a look around, and perhaps, allow yourself to wonder about the changes you could be making in your life.

Hypnosis is simply a natural state of absorbed attention combined with heightened awareness. You will experience this state of highly focussed attention naturally throughout each and every day. Common examples might include, day dreaming; when you are totally immersed in a book or TV show; engrossed in a favourite hobby or even when driving. Hypnotherapy is literally therapy done while in the state of hypnosis and can be thought of as an effective and speedy form of psychotherapy.

Using hypnotherapy and NLP, you are more in contact with your unconscious mind, the seat of all emotional and behavioural problems. Most other forms of therapy are carried out at a conscious level, and often they only work on the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of the problem.

My services can treat many of the things that you would traditionally visit a counsellor or psychoanalyst for and a lot more besides. But it is my aim to help you resolve your issues as quickly as possible without dragging the treatment out unneccessarily.

I specialise in treating anxiety & panic attacks, changing eating habits, stress management, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), smoking cessation, changing habits, removing fears and phobias, memory and study habits, and improving confidence and self esteem. Many issues can be very quickly dealt with in around four sessions, for more deep rooted or complex problems, possibly five or more may be required. However as we are all unique individuals, the number of sessions will vary and ultimately you decide when you have reached resolution.

I offer a no obligation 1 hour Initial Consultation. This gives us the chance to discuss your problems further, answer any questions you might have, and give you an estimate of the number of sessions you may require.

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Would you like help with:
  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Control & Eating Habits
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Increasing Self Esteem
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Changing Habits
  • Change Limiting Beliefs
  • Achieving your Full Potential
  • Anger Management
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Controlling Pain
  • Headaches and Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Low or High Blood Pressure
  • Motivation Problems
  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Public Speaking
  • Self Development
  • Social Phobia
  • Public Speaking
  • Depression
  • Driving Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders
  • Exam Nerves
  • Fear of Flying
  • Gambling
  • Goal Setting
  • and help with so much more...

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Quit Smoking

A tube of paper about the size of your little finger, stuffed with tobacco has ultimate control of your life.

Are you satisfied with that?

If not, then maybe the time has come to try hypnotherapy and NLP. Hypnotherapy and NLP can be the answer to all the issues surrounding quitting. No pills or patches, no chemicals. And in the hands of a skilled hypnotherapist you will be given suggestions that will eliminate the possibility of replacing the cigarette habit with food. It is remarkably easy and the overwhelming majority of people enjoy the hypnotic trance and the benefits begin immediately.

Issues surrounding the cigarette habit are dealt with so that you are free of the need to smoke. Smoking is not a function of will power but habit triggered by the unconscious. That means that the unconscious can also be used to trigger cessation.

Treatment is spread over 2 separate sessions (approx. 2.5 hours in total) and uses a combination of advanced hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. The cost of the full treatment is just £150 and includes 2 sessions, CD, handouts and a free backup session.

Read more about quitting smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP

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Weight Control

Just the mere word 'diet' implies something you do temporarily. You diet against your normal eating patterns which are controlled by your unconscious mind. You may lose weight, but it is usually only temporary. As soon as you stop dieting, your old eating habits and beliefs return again and your body goes back to what it was doing before the diet. Your unconscious mind holds all your beliefs and habits concerning food. These are beliefs and habits you may not even be aware you have, and it is these that keep the weight on your body.

Your unconscious mind is very powerful, so no matter how hard you try to break a habit at a conscious level of mind, the unconscious will always win, eventually causing you to go back to what it considers 'normal' behaviour for you.

Through hypnosis and NLP, we can speak directly to your unconscious mind and speed up the process of change by altering your negative beliefs and habits. And even though your unconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind, it readily accepts new information when you bypass what we call the Critical Factor, which is what happens during hypnosis.

Around 4 sessions are usually enough to change your beliefs and feeling about food.

Read more about changing your eating habits with hypnotherapy and NLP

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Someone experiencing panic and anxiety is feeling the effects of the 'fight or flight' response. The fight or flight response is our bodies natural response to a perceived danger. When it is activated, hormones are released into the body to enable us to either deal with or escape from the dangerous situation. The effects of the fight or flight response include an increase in our heart rate to pump blood faster to the lungs, muscles and brain. We breath more rapidly to increase our oxygen levels, our muscles tense ready for action and many functions not necessary for fighting or escaping, such as digestion or reproduction, slow or stop.

It is important to realise that what we think about can actually activate the fight or flight response. Our minds and bodies can't tell the difference between the thoughts about a situation and the situation itself. Therefore by simply thinking, worrying or 'what if'-ing about something you are actually activating the fight or flight response in exactly the same way as if you were actually experiencing it in reality.

Through hypnotherapy and NLP we can change the way you think and feel about a situation so that your reactions changes.

Most people will need around 4 sessions to overcome their anxiety and panic.

Read more about overcoming anxiety with hypnotherapy and NLP

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Fears and Phobias

The initial cause of phobias can usually be traced back to an experience where a biological response has become associated at an unconscious level with a particular trigger or stimulus, usually as the result of some emotionally charged event. When you are re-presented with the trigger, for example, seeing a spider, the associated response is triggered, most commonly resulting in feelings of anxiety, fear and panic.

The most complete and effective way to eliminate or reduce the phobia is to change the unconscious association between the stimulus and the response.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be extremely effective at treating phobias, because they deal directly with the unconscious mind. Most phobias can be treated in just a few sessions, and with some phobias a single session may be all that is required.

Common fears and phobias: fear of public speaking, fear of driving, fear of bridges, fear of crowds, bird phobia, spider phobia, fear of flying.

Read more about using hypnotherapy and NLP to overcome your fears.

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Stress Management

It is not the situation that causes stress, it is how you react to it. People are stressed by many different things, someone may be stressed by the thought of meeting people they don't know, for others it may be being late for an appointment or having to give a presentation. The situation itself does not cause the stress, otherwise everybody would be stressed by the same situation.

The key lies in how we react to the stressful situation. When stress occurs it is because we have reacted in a negative way to the perceived stressful event, which in turn causes us to feel stressed.

Event ---> reaction to event ---> Feelings about the event

By changing the reaction to a positive one, the resulting feelings about the event also become more positive.

For example if you are stressed about an upcoming presentation, perhaps worried that you will look stupid in front of a group of important people. The thought that you will look stupid is your reaction to the perceived stressful event. By changing that reaction to a more positive thought, for example, curiosity, you are more likely to find yourself looking forward to and enjoying the presentation.

People will often need around 4 sessions to change their reaction to stress.

Read more about reducing stress with NLP and hypnotherapy

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be highly effective in alleviating IBS symptoms. Over 15 years of solid scientific research has demonstrated hypnotherapy as an effective, safe and inexpensive choice for IBS symptom alleviation.

Hypnotherapy routinely produces positive results in over 80% of the people who use it.

Hypnotherapy is often thought to be therapy that only affects the mind, but as mind and body are inseparably joined, hypnosis can also help physical ailments.

For Irritable Bowel Syndrome, one of hypnotherapy's greatest benefits is its well-established ability to reduce the effects of stress. Your state of mind can have a direct impact on your physical well-being, even when you're in the best of health. If you're struggling with IBS, the tension, anxiety, and depression that comes from living with an incurable illness can actually undermine your immune system and further compromise your health.

Hypnosis can reduce this stress and its resultant negative impact by placing you in a deeply relaxed state, promoting positive thoughts and coping strategies, and clearing your mind of negative attitudes.

IBS can be treatment in 4 to 5 sessions.

Read more about overcoming IBS with hypnotherapy

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About Nigel Magowan

Nigel Magowan is a professional Psychotherapist, Advanced Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and an Ecotherapist. Nigel has trained with some of the best hypnotherapy and NLP trainers, including Paul McKenna, and by Dr Richard Bandler - the creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He has received training in Contemporary Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian and traditional hypnotherapy, and combines all his skills and experience to produce a treatment that is tailored to your exact needs. He uses a solution focused approach to the therapy which can bring about results in a much shorter time than traditional counselling or psychoanalysis. He has also received specialist training in treating IBS, working with addictive behaviours, controlling pain, Ecotherapy, and in using the latest stress management techniques.

He has busy Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and NLP practices in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, South Manchester and Harley Street, London. The Chorlton practice is within easy traveling distance of Altrincham, Ashton, Bolton, Buxton, Didsbury, Fallowfield, Gatley, Glossop, Hale, Hyde, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Oldham, Rochdale, Sale, Stretford, Wilmslow, Withington and other towns in Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and the Greater Manchester and the North West area.

He specialises in helping people with anxiety, panic attacks, weight loss, smoking cessation, panic attacks, stress management, IBS, pain control, confidence and self esteem, insomnia, public speaking and performance anxiety, fears, phobias, and study and sport performance enhancement.

He is a senior qualified member of the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Hypnotherapy Association; the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy; the Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy; a UKCP candidate in training; the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP); the NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners; the UK Register of IBS Therapists; the National Register of Practitioners in Smoking Cessation

He practices according to the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, ANLP and Hypnotherapy Associations code of ethics, and has full Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy
Beeleaf Training, London

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Paul McKenna Training, London
Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Breen

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and HypnoHealing
Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing, Liverpool

NLP Coaching Diploma
Frank Daniels Associates, Nottingham

Diploma in the Art and Science of NLP Coaching
Frank Daniels Associates, Nottingham

Certified Practitioner of NLP
Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis, Manchester
Shaun Brookhouse

Certificate in Stress Management Techniques

Certificate in Hypnoesitherapy

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Continuing Professional Development
On-going training which keeps my skills fresh and at the cutting edge

Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy
Beeleaf Training, London

Professional Bodies

Member of the Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy
Accredited Master Practitioner Member of ANLP International
Full Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register
Full Member of the Hypnotherapy Association
Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
Member of the NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners
Member of the National Phobics Society
Member of the UK Register of IBS Therapists
Approved Anxiety UK Therapist



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Although I do get lots of enquiries about hypnotherapy training in Manchester and hypnotherapy courses in Manchester, I do not offer training or courses in hypnotherapy, though I can recommend some good trainers in the area.

However I do run several hypnosis, NLP and coaching related one and two day workshops in Manchester, covering various subjects such as introduction to NLP, self hypnosis, controlling eating habits, stress management, habit busting and life enhancement. Sign up to our mailing list to be kept up to date.

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Clients come to me from all over the North West of England, see below for a list of areas covered:

Greater Manchester: Chorlton ~ Didsbury ~ Fallowfield ~ Flixton ~ Eccles ~ Irlam ~ Salford ~ Swinton ~ Pendlebury ~ Worsley ~ Walkden ~ Cadishead ~ Bury ~ Bolton ~ Farnworth ~ Little Lever ~ Kearsley ~ Wardley ~ Monton ~ Orrel ~ Barton ~ Boothstown ~ Dumplington ~ Baguley ~ Benchill ~ Burnage ~ Blackley ~ Beswick ~ Clayton ~ Crumpsall ~ Levenshulme ~ Longsight ~ Northenden ~ Rusholme ~ Sharston ~ Withington ~ Woodhouse Park ~ Wythenshawe ~ Westhoughton ~ Blackrod ~ Kearsley ~ Horwich ~ Prestwich ~ Ramsbottom ~ Radcliffe ~ Tottington ~ Whitefield ~ Whalley Range ~ Carrington ~ Victoria Park ~ Old Trafford ~ Cheetham Hill ~ Tamesdie ~ Ashton under Lyme ~ Denton ~ Reddish ~ Stalybridge ~ Hyde ~ Oldham ~ Royton ~ Saddleworth ~ Rochdale ~ Heywood ~ Littleborough ~ Castleton ~ Milnrow ~ Middleton ~ Wardle ~ Wigan ~ Ashton-in-Makerfield ~ Golborne ~ Billinge ~ Winstanley ~ Leigh ~ Standish.

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